The New Mexico Orchid Guild usually meets on the second Sunday of the month at the Albuquerque Garden Center, 10120 Lomas Boulevard Northeast. General meeting commences at 1:30 PM, arrive a half hour earlier for the Growers’ Forum

No meeting in December.  Enjoy your holidays and join us in January.

Please join us Sunday, January 10th at 1:30 pm. We will be having a plant exchange.  Bring and orchid, take an orchid. No one leaves this meeting empty handed!

New pots and other supplies will be available for you to purchase.

As always, quality plants will be available at reasonable prices.

Show and Tell and plant raffle at each meeting.

Join the Grower’s Forum at 1:00 PM preceding the general meeting to learn about vegetative reproduction. What are those little plants growing on my orchid and what do I do with them?

In the meantime,         visit our Facebook page.