Show and Tell

Every month, members bring blooming orchids from their collection to meetings. After a brief explanation of how the grower cares for the plant, members vote on their favorite blooms.

These photos are the winners of each category.

If you wish to bring a plant for show and tell, download the Show and Tell form here: Show and Tell Form, fill it out, and place it next to your plant during the meeting. We highly encourage members to bring plants to meetings!

Please read the Show and Tell rules before entering. Rules available here:Show and Tell rules 2017

Photos taken by Barb Biel at our June 2017 meeting

Advanced 2nd Place | Paph. Magic Lantern | Jane Cole
Advanced 3rd Place | Incdom. Popcorn ‘Highland’ | Daniel Perry
Advanced 1st Place | Dendrobium aggregatum | Daniel Perry
Novice 1st Place | Phalaenopsis NOID | Matthew Polmanter


Intermediate 1st Place | Dendrobium Little Atro | Matthew Polmanter